About Us

In 1920, Grandfather Angelo began work as a travelling salesman. Carrying his wicker basket on his shoulders, Grandfather Angelo would walk from door to door selling clothing and tablecloths.

Subsequently our mother, Amabile, decided to start producing knitwear items and opened a small traditional knitwear production unit which used manual sewing machines. However, her passion for her work enabled the business to grow quickly and soon drove her to purchase the first electric knitting machines giving rise to a small industrial knitwear factory.

In the 1980’s Amabile’s children, Adriano, Riccardo and Maria Luisa, joined the family firm and developed it considerably into one of the most important knitwear production outfits in Italy at that time.

In 1990  Fema was born and immediately established itself in the promotional merchandising market, offering to its clients a wide range of textiles, gadgets and luxury gift items.

Whilst always keeping up-to-date with market developments, FEMA also offers the advantages of a highly advanced graphic design studio and the most modern techniques in product personalisation currently available.

Our efficient supply chain and stocked warehouses mean that we can accommodate a wide variety of requests for samples, prototypes and supplies on a Just-In-Time basis.

In addition, the commitment and imagination of FEMA’s associates, and our constant research into both national and international markets are a winning combination and guarantee the absolute success of our sales strategy and marketing.